Rehbar Committee concedes to holding a rally outside Red Zone: Pervaiz Khattak

Rehbar Committee concedes to holding a rally outside Red Zone: Pervaiz Khattak

Guard Minister Pervaiz Khattak, leader of government's arrangement board of trustees on Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl's (JUI-F) Azadi March, said on Saturday that an understanding had been come to between the legislature and Rahbar Committee as indicated by which members of the walk won't enter Red Zone.

Conversing with media alongside individuals from government panel, he said no interest, for example, acquiescence of PM Imran or midterm races was made by Rehbar Committee.

He said the two sides have conceded to issues identified with March and Akram Durrani has guaranteed us that nobody would walk towards D-Chowk.

Khattak said neither streets would be blocked nor the establishments would close, including that administration would not be an obstacle in their manner on the off chance that they need to sit however the dissent must be tranquil.

He further said stop between the two advisory groups was on the scene of the dissent however now an understanding has been arrived at region government and JUI-F. He said no arrangement has been made with Rehbar advisory group as we are law based individuals and restriction can hold its fights.

He said government just needs that constitution must not be crashed and court request must be pursued. He said single motivation of our discussions was to banish them from entering Red Zone.

The clergyman said no NRO has been given to restriction.

JUI-F, region organization strike bargain

Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) and Islamabad organization have agreed by which JUI-F will hold rally on Peshawar Mor close to Sunday advertise.

The understanding was marked between JUI-F's Mufti Abdullah and Islamabad locale chief.

As indicated by the understanding, no impediment will be put on the course of rally and arrangement of nourishment won't be limited. JUI-F will ensure that the essential privileges of inhabitants of Islamabad are not disregarded.

The members won't attempt to illicitly cross the territory permitted by government to hold fight.

In addition, JUI-F will be liable for the security of Azadi March protestors. It was additionally clarified that if the understanding is disregarded, legitimate move will be made against culprits.

If there should be an occurrence of harming government or private property or loss of human life, move will be made against JUI-F as indicated by rule of law.

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